For sale
 - Complete website(php), domain(GoDaddy), and database(records deleted, schema only)
 - Hosting not included, we can discuss hosting by email if interested
 - Referral program was not properly vetted against spam and dupe accounts
 - resulting in production of bots and abuse of referral system making fair payouts difficult
 - All accounts will be assumed invalid unless emailed as detailed below

Email offers to
 - Subject line "fbtc sale"
 - Domain expires February 18th 2015
 - Google Analytics can be provided by email if requested
 - Transfer/Payment will take place after the withdrawal deadline
 - Escrow accepted, buyer pays fees
 - BTC only

If you have an outstanding balance email
 - Subject line "withdrawal request" 
 - Include your bitcoin address
 - Include approximate balance
 - We may ask you a couple more questions
 - Payout will be sent
 - Deadline for withdrawal requests January 31st 2015
Again...  All accounts will be assumed invalid and no payout granted unless you email us as detailed above!

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